Halloween is always a great time….  Friends, costumes, parties ……… a little chaos, and plenty of cool photo opportunities that you likely wont get any other time during the year.  Yeah, so lighting conditions are not the most ideal, but nobody said anything about it being easy….. and …..well….. I’m always up for a good challenge. It’s really all about having fun anyways. We cruised around downtown San Luis Obipso, CA. The lighting was horrible as expected! We were inside a bar after all, and the crowds made me very nervous about carrying around any sort of external flash. I was nervous enough carrying a nice camera around and that was pretty much enough for me…….  So all the photos taken downtown were taken using no flash, which was quite an accomplishment I think.  The spur of the moment photos are usually the most fun as capture the most emotion. You get authentic people and  authentic personalities unlike a staged studio shoot. It’s just more fun that way!  (More photos to come…..)