“Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world.” – Arnold Newman

When I create a photo, it is how I envision and remember that given moment in time. What anybody else thinks, however they may interpret it, like it or not, is out of my control. The goal is to preserve memories and if the picture moves me, makes me laugh and produces an emotional response that helps me remember that memory, then that’s all that matters.


Article By: Ashley Schwellenbach – New Times, San Luis Obispo
Photos By: Steve E. Miller

Last winter, New Times put out a call to arms, searching for photographers across the county—professionals and amateurs alike—to compete in Photography Wars. Forty-six photographers answered the call and we selected six who will be given six challenges over the course of the next six months. In our Autumn Arts issue on Sept. 18 we will print their photos and you, the public, will be invited to vote to declare the victor. Here are the competitors.

Kamil Baranowski – Shell Beach, CA
Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Photographer

Brittany App – Santa Margarita, CA

Will Headley – San Luis Obispo, CA

Joseph Gorman – Grover Beach, CA
Digital Editor

Adrianne Bonafede – Atascadero, CA

Howard Ignatius – Morro Bay, CA

Article @ newtimesslo.com


It was my mom’s birthday this past weekend, so I traveled home to visit the family. My mom had just put in a bunch of time and effort into her new garden, so I was very happy to take some photos that showed off all her hard work. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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I took some photos on New Years Eve, before going out to celebrate! I still have a few great photos I will be posting, but this is one of my favorites! Jamie was super excited with her photo!