In the Spring of 2011, we set out to produce a lifestyle and swimsuit calendar for the Wine, Waves & Beyond Event on the Central Coast of California. What we ended up with, was not only calendar, but also a great film, directed & filmed by the extremely talented Robin Chilton. I have to say, it was really amazing and a little bit surreal to see something that we had all worked on for so long and so hard finally make it to the big screen at the Fremont Theatre. A wonderful group of people. Thank You to everyone!

Here’s a fun little clip just to put things into perspective
[view the full video]


Director/Cinematographer/Editor – Robin Chilton (Peregrine Media Group)

Production Manager – Lauren McIntyre (Sea Venture Resort)
Locations Director –Charles Crellin (Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort)

Casting Directors:
Lauren McIntyre
Charles Crellin
Robin Chilton
Jessica Mcconoghay
Kamil Baranowski

Lead Stylist – Jessica Winstead (Stiletto Vixens)

Hair and Make-Up Artists:
Jessica Winstead
Rhonda Snider Johnson
Allison Noelle
Melissa Otine

1st AC – Kamil Baranowski
2st AC – Sean Lariz

Production Coordinators:
Jenn Cook
Jessica Sandretto

Graphic Design / Print – Marcy Lariz (MarTeeny Designs)
Photographer – Kamil Konrad Baranowski

Featuring – Chica Rica Bikini Company
Location – Beach House @ Sea Venture Resort, CA
VW Bus – Brian O’Kelly Central Coast VW Club

Cast of Models:
Candy Iverson
Stephanie Linnett
Nathan Smids
Blake Corl-Baietti
Rebecca Ur
Justin Ramirez
Lacey Costa
Tracey Costa
Randy Hose
Katie Randick
Heather Shultz
Gabrielle Rivera
Jasmine Nichelle
Yuliya Pidlubnyak
Brooke Fehrenbach
Tayler Koenig


Article By: Ashley Schwellenbach – New Times, San Luis Obispo
Photos By: Steve E. Miller

Last winter, New Times put out a call to arms, searching for photographers across the county—professionals and amateurs alike—to compete in Photography Wars. Forty-six photographers answered the call and we selected six who will be given six challenges over the course of the next six months. In our Autumn Arts issue on Sept. 18 we will print their photos and you, the public, will be invited to vote to declare the victor. Here are the competitors.

Kamil Baranowski – Shell Beach, CA
Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Photographer

Brittany App – Santa Margarita, CA

Will Headley – San Luis Obispo, CA

Joseph Gorman – Grover Beach, CA
Digital Editor

Adrianne Bonafede – Atascadero, CA

Howard Ignatius – Morro Bay, CA

Article @


Well I wouldn’t exactly call it a party, but I’m excited and I plan on celebrating! For those of you that may not know me, or that do and still don’t know what I do (you know who you are ….), aside from ‘photographer’, I am also a graphic designer and interactive web developer. I find that designing and developing work for myself to be one of the toughest things ever. I am my own toughest critique and really I think it’s simply because I love so many different types of styles, that I have a hard time sticking to just one. Generally I don’t allow myself enough time to work on my own stuff …… you know the whole toughest critique thing I mentioned, there can never be enough time when you’re designing for yourself….. so my stuff usually gets put on the back burner while I’m working on other clients projects and then by the time I return, my mood has changed and I’ve moved onto another design that has inspired me.

Well lately I’ve been very motivated and inspired to work on my own projects. I’ve been really pushing my photography more and more and I’ve simply been getting fed up with not having my own website to show off my stuff. So I’ve started with the blog because I can post more photos more often to this location, and while, I already had a blog started I didn’t think the framework design was up to par. So I’ve come up with what you see now and for the most part I’m much much happier with the layout! I’m sure I will be adding and fixing things along the way. I’m sure issues will present themselves along the way as I start posting more and over time things will work themselves out (as long as I don’t get an genius ideas about changing the entire look ….. again !!). The blog is ….. well … a ‘blog’ and I do plan on developing an actual professional interactive website for my online portfolio. The blog is more for fun, keeping active/interactive and a place where I can get away with posting some stuff that is more fun and random. So take look around, I hope you all enjoy the site and sure to leave comments and feedback ….. I’m always open to any constructive criticism and new ideas!

– Dr. K –

(P.S. – I’m not really a doctor, but somehow it’s become my nickname thanks to a good friend, and honestly the name is kinda stuck on me ……… Dr. K approves !! )


Finally!!……. It’s finally finally here! ……. My photography blog! I am always taking photos and my frustration has always been taking all these great photos, having them just sit in my computer and no one to share them with. This blog is my remedy for that situation. This is a place for me to share my photos with close friends, family and anyone interested. I’m sure there will still be plenty of revisions to this blog along the way, but for now at least I have a place to show off and share with you, my vision of the world. Comments on photos are always welcome!

I am still working on developing the main website and that will be soon to come ……… hopefully sooner than later!