This is one of my best buddies, Rick! Rick recently picked up his first DSLR Camera, so now he’s been learning all this great stuff about photography. Which is perfect because Rick is also a married man, father of two, and expecting a new born within the next few months, so by default he has been promoted as the family photographer with all these great photos ops and memories…….. Children + Camera = Instant Photographer…… Well pretty much! You’re almost guaranteed to get some great photos. Kids are just so spontaneous and without reservation. We seem to lose that as we get older. Well aside from that I’m super excited because I have not only one of my best buddies but photo buddy to hang out and go shoot with …………. well only when Rick’s wife doesn’t mind that I steal him away from his family obligations ….  … haha!  Come on Sean ! Where you at? I’m waiting on you and your new camera rig.


“Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world.” – Arnold Newman

When I create a photo, it is how I envision and remember that given moment in time. What anybody else thinks, however they may interpret it, like it or not, is out of my control. The goal is to preserve memories and if the picture moves me, makes me laugh and produces an emotional response that helps me remember that memory, then that’s all that matters.